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1-3 day old Cotton Patch Goslings. Sold in Sexed Pairs only. 


May come in solid or pied. 

Cotton Patch Gosling

SKU: 364215376135191
  • To help ensure everything goes smoothly, we would like to go into more detail of how our system works and what's expected of each "party" in our transactions.

    General Information:

    We accept cash - in US dollars, check - with a 7-10 day wait period for the bank to give clearance, Paypal - for auto-paid eggs only (3% fee may be assessed), Credit Cards (3% fee will be assessed), and trades -on a case-by-case basis.  

    How to Pay:

    • Cash - in person only. Do NOT send cash in the mail.
    • Check - through the mail only. 7-10 day wait period required.
    • Credit Card -You may use your credit card to directly pay the Wave invoice sent to you. Or you may set up a phone call with us to pay with your card over the phone. We will use our invoicing program to run your card and can send you a receipt if desired.  (Credit cards fees are non-refundable per their rules, not ours).

     REMEMBER: We are more of a "Made-To-Order" facility, than a "Convenience Store". We do not have 100's of birds in all possible ages and colors, ready to go at any moment the instant someone orders. We are family farm with a handful of birds that we raise for the love of the breed. We breed for quality not quantity. ::steps off soapbox::


  • I'm a shipping policy. I'm a great place to add more information about your shipping methods, packaging and cost. Providing straightforward information about your shipping policy is a great way to build trust and reassure your customers that they can buy from you with confidence.
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