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Ancona Ducks

Our breeding stock is originally from Holderreads' Waterfowl Farm & Preservation Center, but have been removed long enough that they are a separate line. We have recently added lines from several other breeders to diversify our flock. We selectively breed for medium weight and body type that lays consistently with well-marked individuals.  We are members of the Livestock Conservancy who considers these ducks "critically endangered".
Our birds are raised outside on pasture to allow for nature behavior and increased foraging. In the growing season, very little supplemental feed is needed. Our line is especially adapted to our hot, humid, ever-changing southeastern weather! The average # of eggs per hen is 260-280. 
We produce all possible colors in our flock, including Lavender, Silver, Lilac, and the more typical Black, Chocolate, and Blue.
To see the different colors or find out more about them:
Ancona Duck Colors

Customer Quotes

"These are some of the ducks you sent me this spring.  Aren't they gorgeous?   I am so happy to have [lilac] show up.  I love these little guys." - J.T.

"i LOVE the blues!!!  happy to have them" - M.W.

"I have to say out of all of the breeders we have purchased from, the birds from your farm have been the healthiest, most vigorous, and friendliest ones we've come across" - R. M. 





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