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Cotton Patch Geese


To read the history of our birds and what their lineage/bloodlines are, you may click the link below. 

Worth It Farms Cotton Patch Goose History

Cotton Patch Geese

This heritage breed is one of only a small handful of breeds developed in the US. They were especially common here in the southeast since they would weed the cotton fields (hence their name). They are a landrace breed meaning you will see some variation amongst individuals and while they are a breed, they don't necessarily breed true. What matters is the bloodline, not a specific look. Ours frequently have pink bills and feet (we admire them and it helps keep them obvious from Pilgrim Geese) and the ganders have blue eyes. We also quite like the geese who are pied, though we breed both solids and pieds. Ours tend to be a bit heavy, largely because they lead a life of luxury. When on pasture they can sustain their weights and grow their flock on grass alone and will weigh around 10-12 lbs. When butchering, their meat is exquisite in taste with a flavor is akin to a mix of roast beef and venison. If you would be interested in trying some for yourself, we take pre-orders in the summer for holiday birds!





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