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About Our Goats

Add Some Gold to Your Breeding Program!

  Details about our goats:

What do they eat? Mainly TN-made high quality alfalfa/orchard grass hay with loose minerals. We supplement with a locally-milled dairy goat ration on the stanchion to help "wash down" their herbal wormer because they don't love the taste.  We rotate them between a dry lot and open pasture (as weather allows). 

What type of "prophylactic care" do we use?  We do not vaccinate, chemically deworm, give coccidiostats, give antibiotics, castrate, or disbud unless medically necessary. But, we do use BoSe injections or Selenium/VitE paste, Replamin Plus gel, herbal wormer, and carefully-selected probiotics and herbs. 

What about communicable diseases? We test annually for Johne's, have never had any issues with CL, Scrapies, or CAE. We source all of the stock we bring in from tested flocks. This breed is lucky and we have not had many instances of the "typical dairy goat diseases". They are very hardy, healthy animals with excellent feed to milk conversion. 


Details: Pick up would be 8-12 weeks after birth unless you want, and feel competent to raise, a bottle baby. 

(unreg) = unregistered, no paperwork or future reg.

(GGBOA/ADGA) = ADGA registration as soon as herdbook set up 

(BGS) = British Goat Society registered with option to be ADGA registered

Our Story

This page and many others are still a work in progress. But, we decided to bite the bullet and post the site. If links don't work, or things don't make sense, please bear with us and email us with your questions: Worth It Farms @ (take out the spaces)

Here are the breeding plans for 2024: Click Here!

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